Our services

TAG offers an interactive, engaging experience to help people and groups tap into their full potential. We offer the following suite of services:

- Executive, Business and Life Coaching

- Organizational Consulting

- Strategic Planning

- Facilitation and Training

Assessments and tools

A person’s growth is not the destination, but through their journey. Following is a sample of the assessments we offer:

Actualized Leadership Profile (ALP): Self assessment that measures your dominant motive need  and corresponding style of leadership. Based on the seminal works of  Abraham Maslow and David McClelland, the ALP measures the degree of  self-actualization that is demonstrated in your current style of  leadership.

ALP360°: Provides feedback to the participant on both  perceptions of leadership style (based on the ALP framework) and the  four competencies of emotional intelligence (EQ): Self Awareness, Self  Management, Social Awareness and Social Management.

DISC Plus: Provides insights into your natural/adaptive behaviors and your most powerful motivators. By leveraging what is often new-found knowledge and self-awareness, it becomes easier for you to engage others and to align your passions and purpose.

Group Culture Profile: Self-assessment designed to measure the culture or  “personality” of a work group, team, or organization. Based on the  seminal works of Wilfred Bion and Jerry B. Harvey, the GCP measures the  underlying emotionality or “EQ” of a group.

So what are you waiting for, contact us to get started on your journey. TAG - You’re It!